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TRIPP Electric Motors, Inc. has been set up to meet the electric engineering requirements necessary for electro-mechanical repair service, the repair and/or rebuilding and rewinding of electric motors, submersible pumps and the redesign of all AC/DC electric motors. The company has also re-designed and machined electric motors and pumps to meet the applications of our clients. The company is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year for service and supply. To compliment this, they recently added two crane trucks to assist in their field service maintenance. The company has developed strong working relationships with their customers and plans to further this segment of their business by continuing to offer customers external, on-site value-added services and vertically-integrate the business to support these services. To facilitate the technical service strength needed for the company to achieve its goals, TRIPP Electric Motors, Inc. implemented an expansion plan of the business and its services third quarter of 2006.

This expansion of the business and services has already had a positive effect on TRIPP Electric Motors, Inc.'s ability to advance and build up staff. Adding to the physical shop floor space allowed us to employ additional full time technicians local to our communities. Increasing storage capacity and expanding our parking area allowed for the increase in customer flow. Computerization of systems from order entry through billing was critical to the bottom line of TRIPP Electric Motors, Inc. The industry specific management software tracks the order from point of entry through completion of repair. It includes all the basic modules such as order entry, order status, invoicing, billing, and back office support systems. For the client, it offers web access that allows them to view job repair status, and of greater interest, it allows the client to view digital photography and graphic reports from systems such as the VPI, 4160 Panel and the infrared Thermography Systems. This is an excellent addition to our client centric services. Marketing of the VPI supported our efforts to inform our clients of Tripp’s competitive advantage, when compared to similar-sized companies, because the new equipment literally decreases the failure rate of the rewinding process. With this expansion and improved services, TRIPP Electric Motors, Inc. is emerging a stronger force in the electric motors repair industry. The financial strength that can be achieved with this type of expansion will give TRIPP Electric Motors, Inc. the capacity to establish a larger, more diversified customer base which will generate increased sales and services revenue, an exponential growth opportunity for not only the company but also the served market segments that employ a substantial number of the population of the Glades.

Tripp Electric Motors - 1233 NW Avenue L - Belle Glade, Florida 33430 - ph: 561.996.3333 - fx: 561.996.1811